He donated his hair for his birthday. Or more accurately he gave this pony tail to me to donate. Sports Clips cuts but they won’t mail.

Pony’s ponytail 6/28/18

Pony: Why?

Me: Why what?

Pony: Why are you taking a picture of my hair?

Me: I want a before and after.

Pony: That’s not going on FB is it?

Me: Not directly.

While I loved his long hair. I’m happy when he does something compassionate. He has beautiful hair. So soft. Nice curls. I almost want to keep it.

Eww. Weirdo. I hear you. I saved the hair from his first hair cut. This is sort of the same.

No? Ok.

Pony tail is packed and ready for mailing.

Here are a few random snaps.

As always more to come.

What Fresh Hell?

I just love that question. Not really.  I just love saying HELL!! Cursing takes the edge off.

Any who.  I am working at home in order to get a jump start on tonight’s festivities.  I had one final meeting during which I got a call that I did not take … from area code 512 …

So, … we know what that means.  Well I know what that means.  Those calls are from patient for whom I just pay the bills.  He left a message this time.  No translator.

Patient: Jill, I am in the hospital.  I broke my leg.  My left leg. Call me back at 512-xxx (what’s the number here?)

Nurse: 512-xxx-xxxx

As soon as I got the voice mail, I called back.  Time lapse was within 15 minutes.  The line just rings … forever … until I get a fast busy signal and a disconnect.  I call back the number on caller ID vs. the direct number.  The switchboard (yes I said switchboard) answers and I explain what happened.  I ask to speak with the patient.

Operator: that happens when the phone in the room isn’t answered.  He could be in the middle of treatment or maybe he is sleeping all drugged up.

My thought bubble is oh really. You have no idea sister.  Can you say HIPPA?

Operator: I can transfer you to the nurses’ station.

Me: Yes Please do.

Nurse answers.

Me: Can I leave a message for _________.  I want him to know I got his message and called but no answer.  Tell him that I will try again later.  

Nurse commits to relaying message.

Now the question becomes will I call back?  I’d like to think I will.  And I know I should.  But here’s the thing about should.  That word should … it SHOULD be stricken from the dictionary.  It comes with obligations and expectations and forced actions. Who is to say what is correct? I have been given permission to do what I want, not what I should.  Too bad I didn’t just take the call.  Then I’d be done with it.

Oh well HELL!  There is that word again.

As always, more to come.

Where Were You 6/28/88?

Me? I worked a regular day … late duty … until 6 p.m.  I had a rather interesting day having hung up on a customer.  So unlike myself.  But I was after all 9 months pregnant.  I had no idea what to expect as this was our first child.  Boy or girl? We had no idea.  Yes sonograms existed in 1988 but no insurance would not pay unless medically necessary.  No such thing as gender reveal parties.

When I arrived home, close to 7 p.m., the crib was still in pieces on the living room floor.  And B and his friend D were talking about cars.  Just shooting the breeze.

Me: WTH, why is the crib still in pieces? You were supposed to have it done on Sunday!  It is Tuesday!

Me (not waiting for an answer): I am going to Lung Fungs for dinner, if you want to join me, then hurry the hell up cuz I’m leaving.

And D joined us too.  We had a nice dinner.  I was in labor the whole time and said nothing.  After dinner, I told D to leave unless he wanted to witness a birth.  Then B and I walked and did all the lamaze things as best as we could remember.

At almost midnight, we made the very short drive to SE Baptist hospital.  I told the girl in admitting that I was sure it was false labor.  I was wrong.  At 2:50 a.m., our baby boy entered the world.  And in an instant, life was made infinitely better.  Can you just feel the love?

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my Sonshine.  Light of my life. ❤

As always, more to come.