Back on June 1, 2018, <patient not me but someone I pay bills for> supposedly broke the neighbors’ windshield. I was told he got mad because there was no coffee in the house.  He then took a brick and threw it at the car windshield.  I still couldn’t imagine him acting that way.  I asked for photo evidence.

And I got it.

Of course B said “yes Jill, you have a text with a picture of a smashed windshield but there was no evidence <patient not me but someone I pay bills> did the throwing.  You don’t even know whose car that is”.

I have to wonder sometimes.  Would the group home manager make this up for extra money?  Yet I never wonder about stuff like this for long because that means I get sucked in.  Not my problem.  I just write the check.

Thank goodness the neighbor only wanted reimbursement for the cost of a new windshield.  That’s fair.  I mean she could have pressed charges.

And in the never ending saga, EMS calls me this morning.  I was in a meeting and did not answer.  I now have voice mail to text transcription on my new phone.  Not sure how, the feature was just there. This is the text I read:

Hi I am _____ with Travis County EMS.  We are picking up _____  from a convenience store near his group home.  He is having mental health issues and flank pain.  He already went to the ER but did not like how they treated him.  We are taking him to a different ER a little further away. You can call _____ and ask for the nurse on duty.

Lord help me, I did not call.  Shame on me.  But what could I do any way?  Oh how I rationalize not calling.  Ugh! Except, my doing nothing, changed nothing.

Later this afternoon the ER nurse called me.  <patient not me but someone I pay bills for> is ready for release.  Can he go home on the bus?  He says he can but I wanted to make sure.  Does he even know how to ride the bus?

Yep, that’s what makes Austin more progressive than San Antonio.  Better essential services for the less fortunate.  He’s been a bus rider for years.

As always, more to come.