One Hour Door to Door

I worked out of a different office today.  It took me one hour to get home.  Yep, that’s one hour door to door.  And that’s just the trip home; took me about 45 minutes this morning.  But, … <do not insert lame joke here like you always do Jilly>

Okay, I won’t.  BUT …

The long drive was so worth it.  Why you ask?  Well because I got hugs!!  I got to see two people I don’t always get to see.  They were at the different office today too.  Any while we did not have nearly enough time to talk and catch up, we did actually SEE each other.  Plus  I am telling you folks hugs are priceless.  It only takes a 20 second hug to relieve what ails you.  Or so they say … whoever “they” are.  I believe this is true. And it is why I silently count to 20 every time I hug B, Pony, Lulu, or Wise.  It is why I am never the first to let go.

Awwww. Sappy sweet sentiment.  So sue me.  Wait! Don’t sue me.

I also thought up some great one liners whilst I drove home.  I was blasting my music and dancing my seat too. But, … <do not insert lame joke here like you always do Jilly>

Ugh! Okay again. BUT …

I forgot them all.  Why? Because I have to write stuff down.  Very quickly! Or just like the sands in the hourglass ala Days of Our LIves, the gems are gone.  I have probably forgotten more good content than I have put on the page.  And I probably have some of you scratching your head.  Days of Our Lives.  What the what??!?!?! Google it!  Lol.

As always, more to come.