So, … My Diet On This Day

And by diet I mean the first definition …

di·et noun

  1.  The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

My usual is cereal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and whatever B cooks for supper.  We are out of milk and we had no leftovers so today I had no plan.  Jilly and no plan = no bueno.

I decided to skip breakfast and be sensible for lunch.  But then I got hungry and went out for a bite to eat @ 9:00ish.  I walked aimlessly, originally headed to a tequila croissant from la Panaderia but turned back for a savory taco.  I ended up at Bill Miller’s for one papas con huevos with pico and peach cobbler cuz … ya know … that’s how I roll.

Back at work some co-workers from a different department had a breakfast and they graciously shared by placing all leftovers on the break room table.  And don’t cha know I had a donut and a pan  Again cuz … ya know … that’s how I roll.

This afternoon I went candy crazy because I skipped lunch.  I downed two peanut butter cups and a snickers.  The little bitty ones which do not count.  Calorie free I tell ya.

I am putting in some looong days and loving it.  And I am a stress eater.  But this stress from looong days is caused by a challenge.  The good stress.  The opportunity for which I volunteered.  And I have to realize that my eating off plan is OKAY for one day.  If I am a little jumpy might be all the sugar.  Ah who are we kidding?!??!  I don’t need no stinkin sugar to be jumpy.

Love to all.  Muah.

As always, more to come