#1linerWeds. 6/13/18

I am late for a very important date says J-Dub channeling the White Rabbit.  All day I thought it was Tuesday because I worked from home Monday.  Yesterday felt like Monday. Today felt Tuesday … get it? But doh! Tis Wednesday all along.

Now when I work from home I really work but without a commute my days blur into one.  And things are a popping like pop corn. Busy, busy, busy!  Pop! Pop! Pop! Life is good!  I prefer balls to the wall.  lol. What am I saying?  I am without balls and I have lost it.

So, … much for one line.  This is a medium sized post.  Yesterday on the way home I got a call that went something like this:

Nurse: I am calling about <patient not me but someone I pay bills for>

Nurse continued: My home health care aid just visited <patient NMBSIPBF>  He has a boil on his left buttocks.  Dr. A has prescribed an antibiotic but he also wants him to see Dr. B to lance and drain.

Me thought bubble only: Sweet mother of mercy what fresh hell is next.

Me actually speaking: Okay.  How can I help you? 

Nurse: How does this work? Does he make his own appointment? Does he use transport?

Me: I am in SAT; he is in Austin.  I just manage his accounts. Typically his appointments are made for him and someone at the group home will take him or sometimes a taxi (and I just deleted zTrip app from my phone but oh well) and once medical transport picked him up.  

Nurse: Okay I will call the group home.  Thanks for your help.

What help? I pitched it back over the wall.  And knock on wood, no one has called me from home health care today.

Ain’t my life exciting y’all?  At least I do not have a boil on my left buttocks.  LOL.   And after all that hilarity here is the one liner.  Inspired by Boils Across America and/or the movie Steel Magnolias.

Ouiser: That is PRECISELY why I’m here! I’ve gotta talk to M’Lynn about her husband. He is a boil on the butt of humanity! ~ Spoken by the actress Shirley MacLaine

And I get my one liner is actually three, but I am taking liberties ya see.  For anyone who wants to join the fun here are the Rules and Ping Back

As always, more to come.