So, … My Red Bearded Baby

So, … Pony got a brand new truck and he came by to show us earlier this evening.  I snapped these pictures without his even knowing.  He’d be pissed if he ever found out I posted them and there may or may not be some waiver I forgot to ask him to sign but oh well.  This is my place ya see.

The first one is actually old but it fits the theme.  He was pretending to drive daddy’s new truck circa April 1989.  And the second one is him behind the wheel of his new truck as he drove us to dinner.  Then I went all random and got some centennial signage.  One hundred years of Chevrolet baby.  Then last but certainly not least, I took a picture of his key chain.  Weirdo!  I hear you saying it or at least thinking it but this speaks to his priorities.  Let’s me know he has them straight … his library card and Specs discount card are kept handy.  Lol 🙂

He is turning 30 in 16 days y’all.  I am verklempt.  No wait!  I’m not upset.  I am content.  Yep, that’s what I am.  Me and mister aren’t perfect but we did a few things pretty okay and okay is good enough.

As always, more to come.