So, … Random Musings

Uh ya.  Here we go here we go now.  Is that a song lyric?  Well it is Song Lyric Sunday after all.  #SLS in da house.  Today’s prompt was metaphor and ya know I am geeking out.  Checks two boxes for moi.  Here is what I picked but check out all the other entries too.  There are some really good ones already cued up and ready to be heard.

So, …

I am in a pretty good head space.  Was a bit whirlwind-ish lately but all is tracking back into place.  For now.  I almost went to we should’ve done this four years ago but stopped short because guess what? we’d didn’t and we cannot go back.  No time for regrets.  All we have is this moment.  Another song lyric I believe.

The kid-let is better and when she is better, I am better.  No fair of me to hang that on her.  My happiness needs to be independent from hers.  I know that.  I do not tell her these things.  Nope, that is what I do here.  I unleash the hounds on a place she will never go.

All of my kid-lets are pretty light on the use of social media.  And by light I mean the forums they choose to use not the volume of their usage.  Pony has a twitter but won’t tweet.  Wise? I am not too sure but she left FB and WP behind.  Lulu uses SnapChat and tells me that’s it.  Of course they may be fooling me and just not want me to follow them around the ether-world.  And ya know, if that’s the case, that is for the BEST!  Cuz they know me.  I am much better off completely in the dark.  Mom is so, …. jumpy.  Well yes, yes I do resemble that remark.

I think we need for find a middle ground of what I know and what I don’t know about their lives.  Like anything else balance is key … healthy.  If I know everything, I am going to try to control everything.  To step in and help whether solicited or not.  And meddling mom has NOT worked out so far.  In this moment, I am stepping back and have become observer/supporter.  If one of them fails, they will get back up and be stronger. Painful as it could be to watch, it’s time to let things unfold.

Any who, I am off to finish my book – the one I am reading not writing.  Swan Song by Robert McCammon is highly recommended.  I will review it shortly.

Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday!

As always, more to come.


2 thoughts on “So, … Random Musings

  1. Agree with your assessment of finding a middle balance between what we know of what they do. I joined Facebook and Instagram to “catch up” with the kids but I’m not on Twitter or SnapChat. Fortunately, little sister (21) talks to big sister (31) about some things that she would rather not talk to me about (at least not right away) so I feel good about that. Such a fine line. Happy Sunday to you.

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    1. A very fine line. Remains to be seen if I can find this balance. I am lucky too since they talk to each other when things are really rough. I am glad they have outlets besides me. I would hate to think of any of them struggling alone.

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