A Celebration of Life – Cat’s Lesson

Funerals have become a celebration of life. At the rosary last night I was very moved by Fr. Jimmy’s words. Giving permission and encouragement to speak of our deceased loved ones in the present tense. An example from his mom who had five sons – one in heaven and four on earth. I’m no longer an adult orphan. I’m just a girl with parents in heaven. I can choose to keep their memories alive.

Yes I mourn the passing of my friend. I can only imagine the grief of her husband, parents and extended family. Yet as I sit here waiting for the Mass to begin I’m smiling through tears. I am home in this church where I spent so much time in my youth. I feel her presence with me. We should all be this fortunate. Don’t be sad that it’s over, be grateful that it happened. Much love my friends.

As always more to come.


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