So … The Medical Meat Market Reboot

My journey in this fresh hell began 11/11/17 when I fell and broke my arm.

Today I had my follow-up from all the lab work previously completed.  No secondary causes for my osteoporosis.  All blood work and the 24 hour collection urine analysis was in normal range.

I answered the additional questions and my FRAX is 3 for hip and 9 for everything else.  If you recall over 3 and over 20 were definitely treat.  I am on the bubble going from 2.3 to 3 on hip but down from 9.4 to 9 on all else.  I was all yay!  Repeat scan in a year.  Thanks for playing.  Have a great day!

But, oh no.  Missy Thing the PA said I had a fragile fracture in her opinion when I broke my left arm.  She said I was definite candidate for treatment and she jumped directly to option 3.  I said cool your jets Missy Thing, we’d have to make the case for insurance because we’d be skipping Option 1 and 2.  She said her case is made because of my numbers.

What the what??!?! last I checked 3 was not greater than 3 and 9 is definitely not more than 20.  I asked her who was right? Her or the doctor?  She said she’d go find him and run her assessment by him. And yes I was mean to her.  Nice mean.  Blunt not mean.  Oh what the hell I am out of sorts.

The appointment ended with me saying I needed to consider all my options.  I will not be rushed into a decision.  I left with orders for a repeat scan in January 2019 and appointment to follow three days after.

If I change my mind, I call and tell them.  At which point I will inject myself daily for 24 months for one and done treatment to grow new bone.  My head is spinning and I cannot even do the math.  Come on brainy types.  That is how many shots?

Oh and by the way, Missy Thing tells me somewhere in our discussion that this medicine gave lab mice cancer BUT they injected them with  triple doses.  She said I should not worry.  The mice are not white females over 50 who have had fragile fractures.  They’d never give me a triple dose.  Ugh! How ridiculous.  Talk to the hand Missy Thing.

As always, more to come.