So, … Persistence Pays Off

Lulu: I am surprised you got the deal.

Me: Yep. Being calm paid off.

Lulu: Hell hath no fury like a calm woman who researches purchases ahead of time.

Me: I knew I could do it.

But I didn’t KNOW; I only hoped.

Seems the battery issue with iPhones is rampant.  Wise got a new phone earlier this week for same reason and today it was Lulu’s turn.  But I was not going to be screwed over.

Step 1: Go online. Start online chat.

Rep: We do not negotiate iPhone prices.

Me: Uh ya you do.  

Rep: Chat can’t but call the loyalty line.  Maybe they can but I don’t think they will.

Step 2: Go to AT&T store.  Talk to rep.

Rep: The line is eligible for upgrade.  Cost is $549.99.  We will give $105 as trade.  Balance left is $444.99. Divided by 24 or 30.  

Me: What if I buy outright?

Rep: Same – $444.99 so might as well take the installments.

I persistently negotiate explaining I recently got the same phone for 99 cent plus tax.  Surely they can do better than $444.99.  I am told not in store but maybe loyalty can.

Step 3:  Call 611 because I forgot to write down the loyalty line.  Gave my spiel all over again.  611 can’t help but they transfer me to the loyalty department.  The BEST department ever!

Rep: Wow, you have been a loyal customer for over 30 years.  First of all, thanks for that.

Me: There has to be a sweet spot between 99 cents and $549.99. 

Rep: I’m going out on a limb.  AT&T discontinued two year contracts on individual accounts.  But I’m willing to give you the business contracted price if and only if you agree to stay two more years.

Me: Well duh.  What’s two more after 30.  I accept.

Final Outcome: We paid $1.07 including tax for a brand new jet black iPhone 7.   The $45 activation fee waived.  FedEx deliver fee waived.  Phone to arrive in-store tomorrow.  We go back and collect our loot making the official switch to the new phone.

I am officially a bad ass.  Lol! 🙂

As always, more to come.