So, … Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I was in a meeting earlier today. I noticed another call coming through but I couldn’t catch it. I assumed they’d leave a message.

They didn’t and I’ve got issues so I called back. The number was local I presumed by area code and first three digits after area code the same as my own.

I got his voice mail. I recognized the name immediately from a former work life. So, … I hung up without leaving a message either.

Do you know what it is like to sort of remember someone? Familiar name but not much else.

So, … I went to the company directory and did our version of Google and sacribleu! He’s in our criminal background checks department.

I immediately felt caught red handed. 😂.

I’m a goof ball. I’ve done no wrong … that I know of. I think 🤔. Or did I? Only the shadow knows.

Fortunately for this neurotic mess, he called me back. He said he hated to break it to me but he fat fingered my number. He was NOT trying to reach me.

And of course I tell him what a relief 😅 because I looked him up and knew he did background checks.

I tell y’all, it sucks to perpetually feel guilty. At least I can laugh 🤭 about it. Nothing to see here. Move it along.

As always more to come.

I Am Super Excited


Because the Great American Read Contest is happening as we speak:  May 22, 2018 to October 18, 2018.  There is a checklist of 100 novels.  You can vote daily for your favorite, but only once.  On day two, day three, etc… you can vote for different books.  Eventually the days will run out and a winner will be crowned.  That way if you are like me and have a hard time choosing among all of your children, you do not have to pick just one.

Don’t judge me.

Books are people too!

Uh no they aren’t.  I hear you.  But I ignore you. Some of my best friends are books so why can’t they be like my kiddos.

I am being silly and I digress. Back to it shall we?

I have read 43 of the 100.  My TBR queue just blew up with the remainder.  I want to try to read them all.  Not by the 10/18/18 contest end date mind you but one day.  Of course there are a few that in my humble opinion should not even make the cut.  Check out the list and see for yourself.

If the above link doesn’t work, try Then maneuver around.  The website is set up for ease of use.

In other interesting news, I have selected Swan Song by Robert Mc Cammon as my June book of the month.  You see next month the Skimmers and Sippers are going rogue.  We are all reading something different and will give our critique of the book to the group when we meet.  Then if anyone is interested, they can pick up the novel for themselves.

Yep, that’s me living on the edge.

As always, more to come.