#1linerWeds. 5/16/18

Going long for this one too.  Dan and Linda have started trends.  I am a follower 🙂

I took an alternate route home yesterday since there was report of a pile up on Hwy 90.  Sometimes TXDot is off but yesterday, sure enough I bypassed the major accident.  I was glad I was not any earlier so as to avoid being part of it and I hope those directly impacted are OK today.  Not gonna lie, the wreckage looked awful.

At MLK Drive and 90 I saw a billboard that said and I quote:

Fear is contagious, but so is hope.  Spread Hope!

I tried for find the author but Google failed me.  Guess author will have to be unknown.  Now I usually call Hope a fickle bitch.  I wrestle with her and the false sense of promise she provides.  I hope and I pray but inevitably things are just crap!

Or are they?

I get to control my reactions to this thing called life.  Cue Music – Let’s Go Crazy.

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life.

~ Prince ~

As I thought my ever racing notions, I knew I was blessed by my alternate route home.  Hell I am blessed by much more than I deserve.  I need to remember that.

You see I got to drive down memory lane aka the hood where B grew up.  I always love this trek of the long and flowing MLK Drive which then turns into Lord Road.  Block after block of murals.  Passing by St. Benedict’s and Copernicus. One can sort of feel the lives of former inhabitants. One can sort of feel the struggle but also the LOVE <3.

Now my eyes are leaking.  Oh well, two sort of one liners embedded in my schmaltz.  Could be worse.

As always, more to come.

Rules and Ping Back. Join us won’t you?



4 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 5/16/18

  1. This is sort of close, a quote by Michelle Aguilar, “Fear is contagious. Fortunately, so is courage. Learning to become fearless will touch everyone around you, and best of all, you’ll find it’s a gift that keeps on giving.”

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