So, …

I have been writing like a mad woman.  Why?  Well because I AM a mad woman.  Mad as in Hatter not mad as in angry.  In fact, I have been laughing til it hurts and turns into tears of joy!  But, and it’s a big BUTT (overused phrase Jilly, put that in your back pocket and/or save it for a rainy day).

As I was saying (before I was so rudely interrupted by myself).  I have been writing my a$$ off.  What I have not been doing is hitting the publish button. I cannot tell you why but (BIG BUTT) I have become quite shy.

CBT and I have parted ways.  I hit the bricks! I still need therapy (of course I do!) but there’s a story itching to be told regarding my swan song.  Overthinking paralysis by analysis.  One day folks.  One day.

One day what?  Maybe I will share again.  When the time is right and/or the mood fits.  Who knows? Who cares? Why bother?  I know! I care! I bother!

Hey!  Stop it! I am still here and I can hear you.  I “bother” in the best way possible. Am I right??!?  Just humor me.

As always, more to come.