So … The Medical Meat Market Series

I just noticed I keep titling these posts the same.  I am not thinking straight just spewing my thoughts which are truly liberating while irritating.  Sorry for the disordered thinking.

I share in case someone can relate.  This is not medical advice.  No duh as the kids say.  The following is my opinion.  Names will be changed to protect the guilty. This may be real or fantasy. With me ya never know.

Option 1, 2 or 3.  No wonder I am a deer in the headlights.

Crash! Bang!

No high tech, just old school yellow legal sized paper jots:

Old days everything over 2% was treated.  Period, the end.

Current guidelines –

FRAX is >3% for hip and >20% overall = definitely treat

My FRAX is 2.3% hip and 9.4% overall = repeat dexa in a year

BUT and it’s a big but we need to add to the FRAX equation to get more accurate numbers.  I was supposed to call last Monday and of course I did not!

Option 1: Meds that have been out a while – Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva.  They have learned much over the years.  Use no longer than 3-5 years, closer to 3.  Take 2 year break and start again.  Rinse and repeat.

Typically these meds cause GI issues.  All the bad cases I read about were in folks who took too long because we did not know any better.  He would treat his momma with these meds.

Option 2: Prolia injection 6 month intervals.  Usually no GI issues. Insurance will not pay unless you try Option 1 first.  Doc says he does not care if I ever take, just fill and tell him it made me puke.  Bingo insurance covers prolia.

Option 3: new meds – Tymlos take for 18 months or Forteo take for 24 months. Both are anabolic and build bones.  Not as much is known but this is best course for numbers over 3 or 20. Would have to make case for insurance company though.

Can you say racket?  I sure can.


His ratings – Option 1 is a B with 40% success, Option 2 is a B+ with 45% success and Option 3 is an A with 60% success.

My odds sort of suck don’t they?  I think I’ll take the ostrich method.  Pretend nothing is happening and this all goes away. Or I will read the literature he sent me off with and see what happens at my follow-up.

As always, more to come.



7 thoughts on “So … The Medical Meat Market Series

  1. option three is a steroid and there are multiple issues with those…including suicidal ideation when being weaned off of them, addictive so you have to take far more after a few months to get the same effect as when beginning them, can’t stay on them for longer than a year without becoming addicted to them (100% occurrence by the way, those numbers suck!). Take the script for number one, tell your doc they make you sick then get the injections. BEST bet all the way around. Be prepared for gas and huge bathroom break day after.

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    1. I remember my hubby taking steroids for something and it came with taper down instructions. I had no idea 100% occurrence. That does suck! So far fill the RX and then say they make me sick is winning.


  2. I live in Canada so our health care is different; its not Big Business. I have osteoporosis and take a pill once a month; Teva-Risedronate. My doctor says I should take it for 5 years. I was never informed about injections.
    It does cause GI issues which is why I went for the once a month plan. (One could take lower doses once a week, twice a month.) I hardly notice it anymore; it feels like you are about to blow the biggest fart but you don’t fart at all. Its uncomfortable but the next morning….. BM ecstasy.
    I hope I haven’t grossed you out; perhaps my experience will help make a decision. lol

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    1. I am glad you shared so I can gather more info to make a choice. I hope to delay meds for another year until they repeat the bone scan but maybe that is just wishful thinking.


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