So … The Medical Meat Market Series

I share in case someone can relate.  This is not medical advice.  No duh as the kids say.  The following is my opinion.  Names will be changed to protect the guilty. This may be real or fantasy. With me ya never know.

Now where was I?  Oh ya, the day of the appointment where I posted the following:

New Day New Doc

So … 4/25/18

So … 4/25/18 at 6:28 PM CST

#1linerWeds. 4/25/18

My Brain is Fried

There was a crowd at sign in but I was there early and got taken back at 10, appointment at 10:30.  After height and weight, we passed several rooms before I was placed in #15.  Then the standard blood pressure.

Nurse: The doctor just finished with a patient, you’re next so he will be right in.

He wasn’t.

At 10:30, he breezes in with his medical transcriptionist (made up word for the advance degree note taker).  Both on laptops.  Looking at my scans. Introductions all around. Then I get the goods.

In the old days, any FRAX over 2 was treated.  FRAX is a ratio score for the risk of fracture.  My FRAX score for hip is X and FRAX for overall risk is Y.  Anything over Z and we treat.  Guess what folks, my FRAX was not over the allowed.  Doc says we can simply wait a year and do repeat dexa.  Can I get a hip, hip hurrah?  BUT …

The internet was acting squirrely and there were a few more questions needed to validate the FRAX.  My numbers were subject to change.  After multiple attempts to get the website to load and validate my scores, I was told to call Monday.  In the meantime, labs were ordered and a followup was set.  I knew I could not get out of this that easy.

I am super suspicious.  I do not believe the website won’t load except I was having connectivity issues myself while I waited to be seen.  Maybe he was telling the truth or maybe this is all part of the meat market mentality.  Going to string me along before they tell me I need infusions or something.  All this when maybe I do not even need treatment at all. Can you say conspiracy theory?  Ugh!  Yet again I am certifiable.

As always, more to come.


Z is for Zeitgeist

I never thought I would finish.  But I did.  Or will once this piece is put to bed.  Fun with a capital F.  I want to elaborate but will leave the remainder for my reflections post.

I had an idea what zeitgeist meant.  I thought of the Roaring 20s: flappers, bootleggers and overall debauchery.  I incorrectly assumed zeitgeist meant to have a zest for life.

See what you get with you ASS u ME?

As I was researching, I read where someone commented that zeitgeist was one of the most misused words by people trying to look smarter than they really were.  And I had to laugh at the connection y’all.  Truly I did.  Do I resemble that remark?  Why yes, yes I do.

Per Merriam Webster:

zeitgeist is a nounoften capitalized  

zeit·geist  \ ˈtsīt-ˌgīst , ˈzīt- \

Definition of zeitgeistthe general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

Origin mid 19th century: from German Zeitgeist, from Zeit ‘time’ + Geist ‘spirit.’

That means not only did the Roaring 20s have its’ own zeitgeist, so did the 70s Flower Power.  That means zeitgeist is happening right this very moment.  Fascinating!

And that’s all she wrote folks.  Too tired to continue on yet grateful for the experience all the same.  As always, more to come.