Avert Your Eyes

I am just getting this out of my head.  TMI. Avert your eyes.

The clock to mark 24 hours started at 6:00 am CST.  I couldn’t pee until after 9 and now I peed twice in an hour.  See, I told you to avert your eyes.

First I was worried I would have no urine for my 24 hour collection and now I am worried I will have too much.  That bright orange container looked huge until I started filling it up.

I googled what the hell does this test even tell the doctor.  Ugh! Now I see if I fill it up, I keep collecting so they can measure volume.  They won’t test the excess outside the jug.

That’s it, no more day drinking for me.  Of course I do not day drink in the traditional sense anyways.  Act normal J-Dub.  Pretend you are not on a mission to have the best pee on the planet. Put on some tunes and clean your house.  Desperate times call  for desperate measures.  Anything to distract yourself.

As always, more to come.

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