Ah That’s The Stuff

I’ve got all these angel 😇 songs floating around in my head. Thank you Helen and all the wonderfuls at #SLS. Sweet to be serenaded.

I’ve had quite a day thus far.  And it ain’t over til the fat lady pees. Lol! 😂. Not a typo either. I’ve got just shy of 14 hours left. I plan to sleep away 6 or 7 of those hours so you’re on the home stretch.  My jug is almost over flowing but I’ve got my new faux Tupperware ready to go as Plan B backup.

So sue me!  Wait don’t sue me cuz I’m way the hell overextended.  We’re both (B is in this too) way the hell overextended. But yolo!  Am I right?

And we’ll just deal with whatever sH!t hits the fan if and when it does. It may not.  I’m not a soothsayer.  My crystal ball 🔮 is cracked like me. We’ve been through worse and survived.  This is no different.

Who knew taking a shower and shaving ones legs could bring such clarity?  I did.  That’s who. I need to remember that before becoming woolly cave bear again.

Anyhow, it’s getting late. Pfft! No it’s not silly.   It’s not even late-ish but you’ve worn yourself out with all your nonsense. Take a break.  Spend time with the hubster.  Then gear up for the Schaefer Skimmers Book Club’s first anniversary tomorrow!  You may have joined late but this is still your Cheers!

See you later 👋  gator.  Afterwhile crocodile.

As always more to come

3 thoughts on “Ah That’s The Stuff

  1. Your thoughts sound like they had the same week I had! 😉 Onwards and upwards….right? That’s what they say anyway. Whoever THEY are. Also, you can always pee in a ziploc to save the tupperware. Have a great one!

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    1. Boo for the bad week. Yay to onwards and upwards. Lol to peeing in Ziplock. 😂They have urinal bags at CVS. But they were $15.99. Ain’t got $ to waste on that. My faux Tupperware cost $2.57 for two. I’m a cheapo. And I’m saving my receipt cuz I’m banking I’ll only need the jug even if right up to the full line.

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