A Two-fer

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware was our April book club book. A fast paced whodunit with a twist. Set primarily on a luxury yacht. In the end, guy gets the girl and two females pull one over on a power abusive male. They hit the monetary jackpot in the process. No spoilers just a recommended read. 4 of 5 stars ✨

Then we have Nine Inches by Tom Perotta. I had bought this and downloaded it to my Kindle many years ago. I forgot about my Kindle edition so I reread it and while some of the stories were vaguely familiar, it was like reading something new rather than reading something old all over again. Tom also wrote Election and Little Children both were turned into movies. Vastly different storylines but same sharp writing. This is the eclectic writer I wanna be when I grow up. He does a little bit of everything. I might have to check out the HBO series the Leftovers created from his novel of the same name. Nine Inches is another recommended read.

As always more to come.

Ah That’s The Stuff

I’ve got all these angel 😇 songs floating around in my head. Thank you Helen and all the wonderfuls at #SLS. Sweet to be serenaded.

I’ve had quite a day thus far.  And it ain’t over til the fat lady pees. Lol! 😂. Not a typo either. I’ve got just shy of 14 hours left. I plan to sleep away 6 or 7 of those hours so you’re on the home stretch.  My jug is almost over flowing but I’ve got my new faux Tupperware ready to go as Plan B backup.

So sue me!  Wait don’t sue me cuz I’m way the hell overextended.  We’re both (B is in this too) way the hell overextended. But yolo!  Am I right?

And we’ll just deal with whatever sH!t hits the fan if and when it does. It may not.  I’m not a soothsayer.  My crystal ball 🔮 is cracked like me. We’ve been through worse and survived.  This is no different.

Who knew taking a shower and shaving ones legs could bring such clarity?  I did.  That’s who. I need to remember that before becoming woolly cave bear again.

Anyhow, it’s getting late. Pfft! No it’s not silly.   It’s not even late-ish but you’ve worn yourself out with all your nonsense. Take a break.  Spend time with the hubster.  Then gear up for the Schaefer Skimmers Book Club’s first anniversary tomorrow!  You may have joined late but this is still your Cheers!

See you later 👋  gator.  Afterwhile crocodile.

As always more to come

#Flash Fiction ~ 4/29/18

Sheila pulled into the CVS parking lot which was almost empty.  “Good” she thought to herself.  “I’ll get in and out quickly, best of all without running into anyone I know.”

The big automatic double doors opened with a swoosh as Shelia entered the store.  She walked past the make-up counter and the candy for sale taking a right down aisle 15.  She crept along the row discreetly looking for the goods.

“Why Sister Shelia! Is that you?” boomed Reverend Saunders.

“Holy Hell! I’ve been looking for you” Shelia exclaimed.

He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

As always, more to come.

Avert Your Eyes

I am just getting this out of my head.  TMI. Avert your eyes.

The clock to mark 24 hours started at 6:00 am CST.  I couldn’t pee until after 9 and now I peed twice in an hour.  See, I told you to avert your eyes.

First I was worried I would have no urine for my 24 hour collection and now I am worried I will have too much.  That bright orange container looked huge until I started filling it up.

I googled what the hell does this test even tell the doctor.  Ugh! Now I see if I fill it up, I keep collecting so they can measure volume.  They won’t test the excess outside the jug.

That’s it, no more day drinking for me.  Of course I do not day drink in the traditional sense anyways.  Act normal J-Dub.  Pretend you are not on a mission to have the best pee on the planet. Put on some tunes and clean your house.  Desperate times call  for desperate measures.  Anything to distract yourself.

As always, more to come.

So … The Medical Meat Market Series

I share in case someone can relate.  This is not medical advice.  No duh as the kids say.  The following is my opinion.  Names will be changed to protect the guilty. This may be real or fantasy. With me ya never know.

Continuing on.  My GYN was none the wiser about my PCP also getting the results.  Shortly after the dexa / mammo combo, I got a call from my favorite NP at the GYN.  She told me the results of the dexa require further review by a Rheumatologist.  She goes on to say that I have been referred to (nameless doc) and that his office will be contacting me for an appointment.  That if I do not get a call in 2 days, to call them.

Well alrighty then.  Will do!  Especially since I had misgivings about the Fosamax (generic).  Then sure as shootin, I get a call. Now mind you peeps this is January.  The earliest appointment is April 25th.  Good thing I am not in desparate need of help because that is a really long time to wait. But all I have is too much time on my hands (Styx).  I decide I’ll play and made the appointment.

Quite frankly I forgot I had scheduled anything.  Then I’d remember and then I’d forget again.  And I obsessed about having brittle bones.  I was waiting for my hip to break.  Seriously.

Thankfully, April 25th rolled around ever so slowly.  Then I almost didnt go.  I checked online for reviews and the practice was a mixed bag.  Not the worst but certainly not the best.  Things like what I wrote about here.  

Worse things about seeing the doctor at the first visit only to be passed off to staff who according to one reviewer were a bunch of under-educated highschoolers.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  If this was a trainwreck, I still had my followup with my PCP in July.

I am exhausted.  Are you?  Yes?  Ok, then that is all for today.

As always, more to come.