So … The Medical Meat Market Series

Today is a little side bar.  I’ve been asked why I call this the medical meat market series?  Simple folks … a play on words.  I am not referring to “meat market” as in going to the club looking for Mr. Goodbar.  Have the good folks here even heard of Mr. Goodbar?  Surely they’ve heard of Diane Keaton?  And oh my why such a dark reference?  Way before 50 shades there was …

And does anyone even go to the club anymore?  Do they still look for love in all the wrong places?  Dang gurl, you’re old.  They don’t.  Instead folks swipe right/left or ….  hell you don’t know so don’t pretend.  Get on with the program.

Okay!  Given recent events that have forced me to seek medical treatment, I’ve come to learn that some of these big medical practices are more big business than first do no harm.  I am not insinuating they are all shady mofo’s but if the shoe fits?  Am I right?  In some cases sadly I am.  Like in anything else, bad apples exist.  Unfortunate when they spoil the barrel.  Guilt by association.  Yet as sure as I’m sitting here, there is exquisite goodness in the barrel too.

I’ve had the opportunity to walk into some of the biggest and brightest medical institutions, taking over entire floors and in one case the whole building.  As an observer, I have seen it all.  People in various stages of illness, packed in like sardines.  Nothing more than a number.  Or worse a dollar sign.  Like carcasses hanging on the hook.  Hence the reference to meat.

Have I painted a vivid enough picture?  Yes?  Then my work here is done.  For now anyways.

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “So … The Medical Meat Market Series

  1. You’ve provided a relevant example of the human condition in action (inaction)…a tragic pursuit of the mighty dollar is so disheartening if we don’t remember that each of us can make a positive difference in this world…thank you for doing your part, my friend 🙂

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  2. Sadly, yes. I worked in medical offices for most of my career and I definitely noticed a shift from the “family feeling” office to the “what kind of insurance do you have” feeling. I didn’t realize it until long after but I was lucky to get out when I did.

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    1. This place I’m at now has signs all over about what insurance they take. They even go so far as to say is not accepted here. So what happens to those folks? Where do they go for help?

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      1. It is very sad. There are a few doctors who take “certain” insurances but they are sometimes not the best doctors. A lot of times you have to end up going to the “County Hospital.” They take anyone there.

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      2. That’s what I’ve found. Our county hospital is renown for trauma care. The wait times for all else are unbelievable. Just brutal.

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