Art Imitates Life

Or maybe as I watch something I become the sun yet again and make what I’m watching about me.

Naw. I do however look for nuggets of gold that I can relate to. When I find something I feel less alone.

I love my Hopper. It allows me to watch 60 Minutes. The 4/23 episode was particularly moving. For the last 10 years, they’ve interviewed a couple where the wife has Alzheimer’s. The progression of that horrible disease is cruel. The devotion of the husband turned caretaker was beyond admirable. For better or worse he said as I watched and cried. And I remembered grandma.

Makes me want to be better. To take nothing for granted. To live like there’s no tomorrow.

As always more to come.

2 thoughts on “Art Imitates Life

  1. I had dinner with my sister last night. We talked a bit about our mother who (as a doctor of English no less!) was gradually reduced to communicating in gibberish. But most of our conversation last night was filled with laughter. And we were laughing about our mother who had what was inevitably a fatal (and certainly unfunny) disease. Was this heartless? I don’t think so. The truth is that (during the early stages certainly) her little eccentricities were highly exaggerated. And it was funny. How else were we to cope with it?
    I’d would have to say also, that once things had really set in, there was not much in the way of obvious suffering. She seemed remarkably cheerful about the whole thing. And we all knew, that our mother was still in there, somewhere.

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    1. That’s was our case with grandma. In the show, there was a period about six years into the 10 year window where they put headphones and played music and the woman started singing along to the song. Word for word she remembered it. A song from childhood. But at that point she didn’t know her husbands name and she couldn’t really use other words. They say those oldest memories are the last to go. So when you say she was in there somewhere, she most definitely was. Laughter is a beautiful way to cope.


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