New Day New Doc

*** New patients arrive 30 minutes early or risk rescheduling ***

Considering this appointment is three months in the making, I’m 45 minutes early πŸ˜‚

*** $100 fee for missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours ***

I’m already leery of this place 😟

10 thoughts on “New Day New Doc

  1. Oh goody…medical stuff…great, moving in on my territory.
    Seriously….If you’ve got more to tell about the ‘racket’, I’m so glad it’s not just me.

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  2. I know, so happy I’ve had the same doctor since my teen years. I went with my son to a specialist, they wanted a $100 deposit BEFORE he could even sit in the lobby. I promptly told him, let’s get out of here :);) called our regular doctor and my son told him nevermind he’d just live with the cyst. Our doctor had him come directly in, and removed the cyst himself. Charged my son NOTHING :):)

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