So I took a walk to shake it off. No pics today. Wasn’t feeling it. And all I could smell was a faint scent of urine.

So much for stress relief. Lines everywhere I went. Making me more anxious 😟 than when I started this stroll.

So glad I quit drinking or it’d be a two bottle night for sure.

So I started a text to make an appointment and just couldn’t hit send. Better to shove feelings away. You know like they say “get over it already”.

So what? I will. Get over it. By writing this, all is well.

As always, more to come.


U is for Uniform ~ April 24, 2018

For 12 years, I wore a uniform to school.  As has been previously established, I am not nor will I ever be a fashionista.  The uniform made things much easier when choosing something to wear from my slim pickings wardrobe. I can count on one hand the off the rack stuff purchased for me to wear.  My grandmother could sew and I was honored to have some handmade items.  I was also privy to hand me downs from my cousin Beth Ann.  I remember seeing the big box filled with her last year’s attire and I’d be giddy with anticipation.

I had friends who could not wait to get home to change out of their uniforms. Me? Despite my mom telling me to take my uniform off and hang up my skirt to save with daily washing, I’d stay in my uniform until bath time.  I know I had five uniform shirts but for some reason, I think I only had two skirts.  If forced, I did have a ratty pair of shorts I’d put on but I still kept the uniform shirt on.

1979 8th grade, ratty shorts but still in uniform shirt

Very different from me now and how I can barely make it in the door before the bra flies off. PJs sweet PJs could be my new uniform of choice.

And as I remember the good ole days, I went through my photo albums looking for pictures of me in my St. MM regalia.  And what a collection I found.

L to R, in addition to school uniform, I had Girl Scout and Sports – softball #13 and volleyball #74.  I also found some dance team and cheer leading pics but those are more costumes than uniforms and folks, there is a difference.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Número Veintiuno.