This was NOT a Euphemism

Here is an excerpt from my T is for Time closing paragraph.

Me and Mr. Hand, we got it going on.  Lol! 

For all you dirty birdies who asked me, this is not about Fandango’s M is for … post.  The sentence alludes to Fast times at Ridgemont High.  You know, Mr. Hand taught history.  Spicoli was tardy, ordered pizza, and otherwise messed with Mr. Hand’s class time.  Then Mr. Hand goes to Jeff’s house before prom to quiz him.  You wasted my time and now you owe me.

I highly suggest you check out the original, not the cut version all soaped up for TNT.  Oh and check out Fandango’s blog – This, That, and The Other.  He’s got it going on too.

As always, more to come

2 thoughts on “This was NOT a Euphemism

  1. Hmm. “Me and Mr. Hand, we got it going on” does sound a lot like the subject of my M-word post.

    I did not see the movie you referenced, but I will see if I can find the non-soaped up version. Maybe on Netflix?

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out! Appreciated.

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