R is for Reading ~ April 20, 2018

My mom did at least one thing right.   She read to us.  Bedtime stories were the best.  I remember my little twin bed full of stuffed animals.  I’d line them all up with me to hear her read.  Of course this was the 60s.  I bet most of the stories were not even politically correct.  Crazy to think what passed for children’s literature back in the day.  Sort of like the scary version of nursery rhymes.  Still some of our choices were tame.  My absolute favorite was No Roses for Harry by Gene Zion, illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham.  That dog. Haha!  His rose doggie sweater from Grandma became a bird’s nest eventually.  Comical how he kept trying to lose the sweater and the events unfolded.  LOVE!

I know from my mom’s journal that she read to us every night even as infants. She was very strict in her routines and that happened to be one of them.  Somehow I myself do not even remember learning to read.  I just always could.  I followed along and parroted/mimicked her at first I am sure.  Saying I always knew how to read is weird and many will call BS but I believe it is true.  My first memories besides the bedtime stories were pulling the funnies from the Sunday paper to practice reading.  This was before I was in kindergarten.

I believe reading is the foundation to everything.  Not the everyone has to be as avid a reader as I am but if you can read, you can figure out almost anything.  As I think about my post-retirement chapter (sadly still 9 to 12 years away thank you poor financial decision to buy a piece of God’s acreage at this late stage in life), I think about doing something regarding literacy.  Boy I have been holding that in for a while!  Lol, just nerves not regret.  Our hill country paradise is just that in 180 easy payments with only 177 left to go 😉

Maybe I do not need to wait for retirement.  There is a very special V word on the horizon.  Reading could be part of that?? And now those with dirty minds are wondering.  V-word?  Hmm.  Well you will just have to wait.  Check back with me on 4/25/18.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Número Dieciocho.


14 thoughts on “R is for Reading ~ April 20, 2018

  1. My mother read to me and my stuffed animals too!!! Awwww. And I did the same to my daughter and that child could read way before kindergarten. I totally believe you could read.

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  2. I agree, reading is the foundation to imagination. My daughter, now 14, hates it and i worry but then think back to myself aged 14 and was just the same, now aged 40-something I am voracious reader (is that the V?) I started when travelling through Asia and never looked back. Thank you Paul Auster.

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    1. I def would not worry. Enjoying reading for pleasure and knowing how to read are two very different things. A hobby versus and necessity. I wish I had thought of Voracious as my V word, the fun I could have had. I will look up Paul Auster’s works. I am always looking for more to add to my TBR queue

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    1. I read Are You My Mother to my kids. We’d make funny voices when answering back. Good memories. I am off to your link to see your R.


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