P is for Pride ~ April 18, 2018

This post might get me fired.

You can’t get fired from a volunteer position silly.

Okay, then this post might make blog followers leave me in droves.

Well then droves would have to follow you first.

You’re not all that and a bag of chips Jilly.

I know!  That hole in the ozone.  Didn’t you read G is for Guilt? Or C is for Confession?  I am the worst!

Pish Posh.  What do you care if people don’t agree with your position?  You’re entitled to your feelings even if your opinion is not the popular one. O is for Opinion was yesterday.

Popular, Hmmm.  I should have chosen popular as my P word.  I could have quoted Tina Fey Means Girls all over the place.

Or maybe Pish Posh?  Then I could have made this post about sounds. Pfft!  Ya that.

Or even people? Ear worm alert! As I sing at the top of my lungs: People. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Sister Teresa would be proud. Doh!

How about: Up, up with people you meet em wherever you go.  Up, Up with people they’re the best kind of folks you know.  If more people were for people all people everywhere. There’d be a lot less  …

Stop singing! you picked pride.

Ugh! Did you know that pride is the deadliest sin?  Tis true. The root of all others.

I have tried hard to be humble and avoid pride.  Now I hear Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind.  One of the few country songs I can stand.  Followed quickly by the Mission Impossible TV show theme song.  Your mission that you chose to accept ….

For me, that was making my parents proud.  To be the best darn Jilly ever.  They had enough chaos to deal with without me being a pain.  Instead I became the proverbial people pleaser.

Really that shit started way back in my earliest memories.  I was not and am not now perfect yet the bane of perfectionism follows me around wherever I go … to this day!

I’ve been called aloof, conceited, know-it-all, you name it.  I do not protest too much.  My self-esteem is below the lowest low because I am NOT perfect! <gasp> You’re not surprised; you knew that all along.  And here I was thinking I had you fooled.

Don’t cry for me Argentina / bloglandia.  I am in a mood.  I’ll get over it.

As always, more to come.

P.S. The italicized are song lyrics that Sister Teresa had us sing in Glee Club.  Yep betcha didn’t know it but St. Margaret Mary’s Glee Club was the da bomb diggity waaayyyy before the more recent commercialized Glee.  Check out this nostalgic find.  After all N is for Nostalgia.  That is our album cover – 1977 or 1978-ish.  And yes those are negatives and undeveloped film.  No idea what is on them.


This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

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