More Levity

B: You left the laundry in the dryer since Sunday

Me: Crap I sure did

B goes in to take a shower

I go to fold and put up laundry.  I find his long pajama bottoms which I imagine he threw in the basket to have washed before he put them away for the spring/summer.

B: Jill I forgot my towel, can you bring me my towel please?

Me (as I hand him his towel): I didn’t know where you keep your Spider-man pajama bottoms.  I left them in the chair, everything else is put away.

B (confused and tired): What?  I don’t have Spider-man pajamas, those are Dead-pool

Me (laughing): Close enough to be the same thing. 🙂

As always, more to come.

Chat Transcript Humor ~ My Fingers Are Fat

The votes are in!  I am getting the iPhone7 for 99 cents.  Yay me!  The main reason besides the sweetheart deal is that my battery on my current iPhone6 has gone bonkers.  Hoping the saver mode will keep me with a functioning phone until the new one comes in.

Because I am a techno-dweeb and because I am a planner and because I am VERY indecisive, I had to research before taking the plunge.  I had a nice little chat with Riza yesterday.  She gave me some good links to check out later so I asked her how I could save our chat and she showed me.  Over all her service was exceptional.  Right out of the gate.

I have learned (because I have an insider mole who works the Chat line for JPM) that these employees will have multiple chats going simultaneously.  I also know they have shortcuts/canned messages and other scripts.  Which is why I find the following super amusing.  Now you tell me.  Funny? Or not funny?

Riza G. : My pleasure! As your chat representative today, it is my top priority to give you the best assistance that you need.

Me : you did! Thank you Riza

Riza G. : Thank you so much! As your chat representative today, it is my top priority to give you the best assistance that you need.

Riza G. : Sorry for that.

Me : it is ok

Riza G. : Have I completely resolved your concerns today?

Me : yes

Riza G. : My fingers are fat.

Me : lol

Riza G. : I highly appreciate it.

Riza G. : I am so glad that I was able to help you today! Thank you for chatting with AT&T Premier Support Center. Again, my name is Riza. We value and appreciate your business with us, Jill. Please take care and you may have a great day ahead!

Riza G. : Happy Monday and enjoy the greatness of the day at your work. Bye for now.

 My fingers are fat too.  The other is over the top enthusiasm.  I think I found my sister from another mister.

As always, more to come.

Early Reflecting on A-Z, Discipline & Haiku

This A-Z is the bomb diggity.  I am meeting new folks.  Melanie Crouse is one such person.  She is fantastic.  You must check out Melanie’s Stories

I did and I listened to the optimal living daily #852 podcast on 7 discipline mastering practices by Leo Babauta.  Say that 3 x’s fast.  🙂

First off Justin “the voice” had me at hello there Jilly.  I could listen to him 4eva.  Now I am gonna stick to what I say I am gonna do.  Like exercise and eating right.  I won’t spoil it for anyone, listen for yourself.

In less than 10 minutes I learned that I am gullible and very easily influenced.  I need to quit it!  lol.  One step was to sit in your hunger for a while (I am paraphrasing) Doing so would teach me that the world will not crumble if I am hungry.  If I sit in my hunger, I realize that I will survive and I can then make better choices like eating an apple instead of gorging on chips.  But they are Lays and no one can eat just one!!!! However bad Jilly tendencies came back.  Causing me to create this Haiku.

my brain is fuzzy

because I’m very hungry

bad habits die hard

I like sitting in it.  Hunger pangs are addictive.  Then when I do eat, bliss.  Like the chips I scarfed down the second I entered the house.  And that is not good folks.

My daily share.  Sorry for the dark turn.  The next one is funny.  I promise.

As always, more to come.


O is for Opinion ~ April 17, 2018

Last year I was asked to respond to a survey of sorts and doing so has got me all outta sorts.  Like riled up a tad bit ya know.  Might be another confusing post but I must speak in innuendo.  Some of you may see through my guise however and that’s mighty fine too.

No secret my undergrad took me 20 plus years to complete.  I came out of that experience none the wiser.  Stinking expensive piece of paper.  Toilet paper.  I had job specific designations out the ying yang but that wasn’t enough.  I needy the bloody uni degree.  Look at me channeling someone from across the pond.  Muah! That is my OPINION of a higher education.  You go get your own.  But I digress.

If I, for a moment, do not think about paying off student loans until I am dead, maybe college was not a complete waste.  I may have actually learned a trick or two.  There was this one class – Research Methodologies that I took my senior year.  We had to write our own objective survey.  That mi amigos/amigas is more difficult than one imagines.

Did you know there are leading questions that skew survey results?  I remember getting drafts back that were completely lined through in bright red!  Try again J-Dub and you’ll eventually get it.  And while you’re getting it, land the plane why don’t you?

Here we go.  The present day survey is garbage.  The statement is:

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree answer the following:

At work, my opinions seem to count.

Now shut the front door, what does seem mean?  Give an appearance or impression.  Dare I say illusion.  Cuz guess what folks? That’s a trick question.  At work (or life in general) your opinion does NOT count.  Ever.  Never ever.  Nope! Kinda, sort of, not really. Opinions are like <fill in the blank> Everybody has one.

Ya see, drawing on my vast experience (single course) as a survey writer, the question is worded improperly.  Seem is an odd word choice and for many folks the word count is a verb.  Meaning if my opinion counts, you will act on my counsel or preference.  Very few people get the opportunity to actually influence wide-scale change. Best one can gain is control over his/her reactions.

Let’s try the statement this way:

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree answer the following:

At work, I am allowed to express my opinions.

Bingo! J-Dub answers a resounding 5 plus plus.  In fact, I am encouraged to give my opinion. Speak up!

Now put that in your proverbial peace pipe and smoke it with your best friend at work.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Numero quince.