Poll Questions Part 2 ~ 4/16/18

Next, we have part two.   Your iPhone 6 that holds your life inside the 2 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch rectangle that it is started sucking battery like nobody’s bidness.  Yep 100 to 50 in 30 minutes.  Sacribleu.  Ever since the last update.  You know what Apple is doing and they are rotten.  You have turned the brightness down to squint mode and you are using low battery mode as well.

You’ve read about battery replacement and how the cost is discounted to deal with the backlash of folks claiming Apple and providers do not support prior models forcing upgrades.  Yep, too old and fluffy for the runway and you be kicked to the curb.

You know that your phone was born 12/1/2014 which means like dog age is to human age, your phone is ancient. You are part of company coverage.  You go online and check out the options.  They are legion.  You ARE eligible to upgrade for well over a year now.  You chat with Riza from AT&T who starts out with Happy Monday Jill, A blissful and amazing day to you!  No fair! Of course you have to buy new phone right?  When she starts off like that. Whew!

Now the questions:

  1. Do you replace the battery and keep the phone another year or so?
  2. Do you upgrade to a 7 or a SE for only 99 cents?
  3. Do you upgrade to a 7 plus for $119?
  4. Do you splurge for 8 or an X?  The X is $449 which is a steal right?

Decisions, decisions.  Oh and BTW, you kid’s iPhone is sucking battery just the same BUT she cannot get the company discount.  Maybe get her the new battery and you the new phone?

Inquiring minds want to know.  What would you do?

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Poll Questions Part 2 ~ 4/16/18

  1. I’m not an iPhone user, but I’d say go for the 8 (Plus is better because of screen size, right!) The X appears to have it’s own teething problems. Let them iron those out first, and get the handset that is almost just as good!

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