Poll Questions Part 1 ~ 4/16/18

Y’all my thoughts are popping like popcorn on a hot tin roof.

Doh! It’s like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Ya know, jumping before their little paws get burned.

Now c’mon Jilly-beans, you’ve got no idea what that means – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Is that an idiom? Ugh, that was so April 10th. And no the idiom is hot and bothered.  You are neither hot nor bothered my friend.

Have I already confused you? Puhleese do not scroll on by, or swipe right (or left)

Ya see I’ve no idea which way to swipe. I am CONFUSED.

I’ve got two questions.  I am on a quest for opinions to help me decide.  J-Dub is fickle y’all.  You’ve no idea.  And these questions will come with back stories.  Cuz that’s how I roll.

You scratch the left side of your car being stupid and taking a turn too tightly.  The scratch is unsightly but the vehicle is driveable.  You  have a $1000 collision deductible (seemed smart at the time) and the estimate is $2400 smack-a-roos.  Your rates may go up as you exceeded the $750 threshold but you think you have automatic accident forgiveness but you wonder should you use it now???  Whew!

That is only the back story and finally the questions …

  1. Do you get your car fixed?
  2. If so with or without using your insurance? (And yes no fear! I have already reported online and closed the claim though they tell me it’ll take nothing to open it again)

All feedback is welcome.  Since this post was longer than I thought, I have created a part two.  After you opine here, swing on next door to see what else I need your help with. Ain’t too proud to beg sweet darlings. Puhleese tell me what you’d do.

As always, more to come.


5 thoughts on “Poll Questions Part 1 ~ 4/16/18

  1. There is that Fandango!
    I did something similar, and just ‘lived’ with it…
    a couple of years later, my car was involved in a crazy accident on the Motorway here, and it was totally written off anyway..,
    So forget the repair, I got a new car!
    But to answer your question, it’s a matter of your preference. If it isn’t too bad to look at, and drive-able, leave it. Maybe get a few more quotes, you could get it done even cheaper from somewhere else, and not have to worry about the insurance.
    If it is bad, like okay for now, but in a month , the door may fall off, then maybe you need to get it done through the insurance, unless you have the $2400 laying around, and want to tackle it yourself…
    I don’t think that was much help at all lol!

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    1. Actually this does help. I am getting two more quotes. My husband suggested looking around when the original verbal estimate was $1500-$1600 but then the written one comes in at $2400. We might find a place to fix it for less. And it really is just a scratch. No danger of losing the door or anything like that.


  2. So if I understand correctly, you’re either out-of-pocket $2,400 but your insurance premiums won’t increase, or you’re OOP $1,400 with the possibility that the premium will go up. But there’s a third option. Live with the unsightly scratch in your still drivable car and use the money you don’t spend fixing the scratch to go for a long weekend at a luxury spa/resort.

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    1. Yes Fandango! Factoring in the inconvenience of a week without transportation is another consideration. One which I can avoid. The only difference is I would pocket the money I don’t spend fixing my car versus the luxury spa route. I am as they say a penny pincher. lol 🙂

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