M is for … ~ April 14, 2018

This is what happens folks when your theme is writing in A to Z order.  And you get stuck on 12 because you’re superstitious and do not want to jinx yourself by stopping at 13.  Means I have to write M and N on the same day. Or get a grip and become sensical … my made up word for the opposite of nonsensical.

M is for lots of things

Movies, Music, Mayhem

Why mayhem? That’d be dark themed again.  Maybe you need to repeat H and be happy?

Okay.  Then what’s another M word?

Think, think, and think

I am thinking with my MIND

All powerful, all knowing


I am not omnipotent and omniscient (save those words for O)

I am not a Megamind.

And just like that WE (the pieces of J-Dub’s mind) have circled back to movies.  Check this out:

Credit for above clip: DreamWorks

I mean the mind is our biggest gift and greatest tool.  And what is my true destiny?  Maybe it is to become a poetess.

M echanics enabling consciousness and thought

I nside the skulls of humans

N eurons as wiring, synapses firing

D elivering us to unlimited heights of pure imagination

Or not.  lol.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Numero trece.


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