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You can never judge a book by its cover

Cite: publicized by the 1946 murder mystery novel by Edwin Rolfe (de) and Lester Fuller, Murder in the Glass Room

Back in the day B had long hair … and he on occasion wore an earring … and he always had on a concert T-shirt … from bands like Iron Maiden … and he’s a big guy … and he is mostly serious.

One day when I was in college, taking the scenic route of 20 plus years to graduate, he walked me to the library.  The neighborhood where the stacks are located can be rough and he was there as my protection.  As we walked down the sidewalk, two older ladies (maybe not so old … about the age I am NOW) saw us coming toward them.  They crossed the street (more like jaywalked/ran quickly) to avoid walking past us.  Then they crossed back to our side after they were “safe” from big bad B.

I wonder if they assumed I was being held hostage ;).  If they did, they never phoned to Po-Po.  Of course back then, they would have had to find a pay phone to do so first. LOL!

Proof you can never judge a book by its’ cover. Or maybe you can.  But you’d often be wrong.

The post was inspired by Janet Smiles. Smiles are contagious, pass one around. And is part of #1linerWeds.  Rules and Ping Back.

As always, more to come.


J is for Judgment ~ April 11, 2018

Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.  Tis true.  Fact of the matter everyone judges.  Liar, liar pants on fire if you say you don’t.  I guess we are all in good company.

But then there comes momma.  She’s disappointed in her chick-a-dee again and says “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?”  Smart-Alecky kid might say “Yes! I’ve always wanted to try bungee jumping!”

Trying not to be hypocritical here but this is one of those things I have mixed feelings about.  Is judgment anything more than expressing one’s opinion?  And shouldn’t we all express ourselves just like Madonna? And gosh no, I’d never want to be like Madge.  Judge much?  Why yes, yes I do. No offense to the trailblazer intended.

It’s a conundrum folks.  I am in a pickle.  Wasn’t idiom yesterday Jilly? Move on to your point.  Do you even have a point?


I found myself irritated by a fellow blogger after reading his post on what he thought women should do to look good for their men.  As a female of the fluffy variety, I was oh so tempted to comment.  You see folks I had this burn of a comeback all tee’d up and ready to go.  I was going to show him and put him in his place.  Very cruelly and craftily.  But and it’s a BIG BUTT, my comeback would have been me being a different brand of judgmental.

I didn’t agree with what he had to say yet I cannot disagree with his right to voice his sad, tired, lame ass opinions.  The only thing within my power was to scroll on by and quit following the misogynist pig.  There I said it! What a douche bag!  Yep.  That’s MY opinion and I am entitled to it.

Things that make you go hmmmm.  So talk among yourselves.  We can have a real Mike Myer’s coffee clutch in my comments section.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Numero Diez.