I is for Idioms ~ April 10, 2018

J-Dub loves a good idiom.

I learned recently that I was incorrectly interchanging the terms colloquialism and idiom.  I took a look at old wiki to gain clarity.  Still confused I felt like I was applying circular logic all while riding high upon a slippery slope.

Now I have added another term for a trifecta – fallacy of the circular logic and slippery slope variety.  But that ain’t no idiom or colloquialism is it? You had me at Get off your high horse now that’s an idiom if I have ever seen one Jerry Maguire. And ain’t ain’t right because ain’t ain’t in the dictionary.  But wait a minute, ain’t is in there now sucker!

<groan> Not funny J-Dub.  And I hear ya saying:  Don’t give up the day job.

Get it?  HaHa.  Another idiom.  That’s funny. How about I make this story short.  Uh, nope.  Have you met me yet?  J-Dub dwells on the details aka the deets.  Well alrighty then.  Moving on.

On second thought, I will make this story short.  Sweet too.  I am no match for my friend Truly who is the best at this kind of writing.  I am humbled in awesomeness.  But wait, Truly is the master of puns.  What the heck is a pun? Check out Trulyunplugged.  You’ll find out there and you’ll be glad you did.

Comments section open for bidness y’all. Still a Harlot! Sprinkle him with your favorite idiom. Now why would you assume my comments section was female huh?

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Numero Nueve.