G is for Guilt ~ April 7, 2018

I have no idea why I feel so guilty.  About everything.  I have this little quip I do where I say “Hi, my name is J-Dub.  You know the hole in the ozone layer?  Well I am single handedly responsible for causing that using Aquanet in the 70s.”  

For those who don’t believe in climate change <wink, wink> you know that isn’t true … the part about Jilly being the sole cause of the hole in the ozone but dayum if it doesn’t feel like that some days.  I am Ziggy with the cloud following me around.

I am not protesting too much.  I am not searching for sympathy.  In fact, I think being guilt laden must be how I am hard-wired.  Does that mean I stop trying?  Nope.  I accept myself.  I will continue on. Day by day.  Up and down.  Sideways.  On this roller coaster called life.  Knowing how truly blessed I am in spite of me, not because of me.

As always, more to come.

This post was written as part of Blogging From A to Z April (2018) Challenge.

Numero Siete.



19 thoughts on “G is for Guilt ~ April 7, 2018

  1. Visiting you for the first time finding your comment on another blog. I know we are not supposed to rush in and tell you not to feel guilty, but instead, let you talk about it, but you pushed a button because I am not a climate changer kind of gal. I definitely don’t want you to take that often overplayed conversation by people who haven’t a clue what they are talking about. So take heart, not everyone thinks YOU are responsible. Not by a long shot. If you have time and interest, I am writing about BOOKSTORES, their architecture, locations, and great people who sell books – one of my passions. Hope you can join be on a bookstore tour.

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    1. Thank you Stepheny! In my heart I know others are not holding me responsible. Heck, they are not even thinking about me. I am my own worst enemy. And yes, I definitely have time and interest to check out your posts on bookstores. My hope is Kindle does make these places obsolete.


  2. I think it is part of a woman’s makeup that the guilt factor is always there about something. I am not so quick to take responsibility for the world as I am to feel guilty about being a bad mom or wife, neither of which are really true and I know it but still…

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  3. Hey, wait a minute, I thought that was all my fault ;);) So, I’ve been carrying around all this guilt over something you did? :):):) I jest, maybe. Guilt is my friend. When I think I can’t feel anything, or checked out, guilt is always there to reel me back in, and remind me, I have feelings too 😉 hahaha :):)

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      1. I agree. I joke about it because I was soooooooo very, very, very, add a few more very’s in there, guilt ridden all my life. I’m better now, but it still likes to creep in, and I usually when I am doing something that is not positive, or going to generate a positive result, hence the conscience is kicking in, and why I agree with what you said. You know like I am getting ready to go off on fill in the blank here because I have been rushed, nothing seems to be going right, everyone has seemed to have left thier brains at home, and I have had it up to here. Right before I cross that being old me line, that guilt kicks in. Every thing, that has ever gone wrong in the history of the world will flash before my eyes, and I think, ok are you going to add this to the list of things you will feel guilty about?

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  4. I don’t feel guilt for world events (that feeling lately is pure anger), but I do feel lots and lots and lots of guilt over past mistakes. Since it’s not a great feeling, I’m working on it using the techniques I mentioned in yesterday’s F post. And, come to think of it, dealing with guilt is also closely related to my G post for today. From (The) Gifts of Imperfection, it is about self-compassion. I hope you’ll take a look.
    Enjoy tomorrow’s day off.

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