Fondest Easter Memories

I love Easter!  In fact, I prefer Easter to Christmas.  I miss my mommy and daddy the most at this time of year.  Even more than other holidays/birthdays/anniversaries.  The foundation they provided us was most evidenced during the Lenten season.  A foundation I regret not passing along to my two kiddos. I tried.  We tried.  But in this case I say our best wasn’t quite good enough.  But since there is no time for regrets, I will list some of my fondest Easter memories instead.

  1. Dying eggs.
  2. Living Stations of the Cross at San Jose Mission.
  3.  Ghosts of Easters Past
  4. Easter weekend trips to the coast, Lago Vista or Lake Travis.
  5. Hunting for Easter eggs with the nieces and nephews.
  6. The year the four kids still at home each got a chick that was dyed purple, blue, green and red (I know you animal rights activists are angry) but we took them to Grandma Js and they went into her chicken coop.  My brother’s red one did really well if memory serves.
  7. Chocolate bunnies and a memory of one year when mom hid them in the trailer before the trip, likely while we were at school, to surprise us.  Then Easter morning they were all melted.  I was little.  I may have cried to see the smooshed bunny face until daddy told me the chocolate would taste the same.
  8. Saving the licorice jelly beans for daddy because he was the ONLY one who liked them.
  9. The smell of the salt air and feel of the breeze on my face as we rode the Ferry to Port Aransas on Good Friday mornings.  I don’t know if they still let you get out of your car.  Back then they did and of course we always got out even though the ride was short.
  10.  Baking – the bunny cake and cotton tails which we are reviving this year.

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “Fondest Easter Memories

  1. You obviously had a very happy childhood with parents that wanted and loved you so much. I love Easter too, mainly because it meant I could play in the garden and see all the Daffodils and Bluebells. Memories, well my mother always cleaning and my father reading his paper and smoking. I made my own happiness as a loner. Happy Easter Sunday to you.

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