Review of the Roseanne Reboot

Who am I to write a review?  Answer J-Dub.  Really Jilly?  Land the plane already.

Okay.  I am curious to hear what folks thought about the reboot (if they even watched it).

We’ve got a few cents to chip in. B and I watched both episodes last night.  Our conversation went something like this.

B: This show will never make it. The original is a classic.

Me: So far I like it.  Not too keen on the filmed in front of a studio audience reminder … that’s a little too 70s sit-com for me.

B: Are they trying to cover everything in these first two episodes?  Maybe the writers should pace themselves.

Me: I’ve only got one question (after hearing them mention Jerry).  Where’s Jackie’s kid Andy?

For the record, B is usually spot on regarding longevity.  But this time, he could be wrong.  I was struck when I saw the Vanity Fair article:


The Roseanne Reboot Completely Smashed Ratings Expectations

About 17.7 million people tuned in to watch the Conner family return to television—which is more than watched them say goodbye in 1997.
More of my two cents:
The hype, the nostalgia, who knows how long those things will keep the ratings going?  I’ll stick around for a while especially after reading we just wanted Goody back.  We didn’t care how during the Good Morning America interview.  Seeing that Michael Fishman said that made me teary. That’s right DJ, we didn’t care how either.
As always, more to come.



6 thoughts on “Review of the Roseanne Reboot

  1. Sara Gilbert for the win — cried twice in the same episode and was the best actor of the bunch. I don’t like the Becky storyline and Becky in general. It’s cute. Nice brain candy on a Tuesday night.

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    1. I cried too. When she said well we’re all weird, we’re Connors. I don’t like the Becky surrogacy storyline either but maybe they’ll explore more of her losing her husband. I’ll keep watching for now.

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  2. We liked it okay, of course the original series was the best.Good to see the actors back again. We were surprised they set up the house exactly like it was, after all this time. I thought they crammed too much headline/current events in on the first episodes, though. Trying a little to hard, it seemed. But, still good, and we’ll keep watching.

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