For 3/28/18 #1linerWeds.

Many will debate me on this.  Go ahead.  These are not my words, I borrowed them ya see. Now scram. Just kidding. Without further ado:

Do you want to be right? or Do you want to be happy?

The goals of each are mutually exclusive.  And I agree wholeheartedly.  Lately I am learning that happiness outweighs being right ALL THE TIME!

Stick around and take a look at all the other one liners Rules and Pingback

As always, more to come.

28 thoughts on “For 3/28/18 #1linerWeds.

  1. I’m getting better at the giving in part as I get older. But it is tempting to say, I disagree, but I want to be happy, so I’m going to drop it. Good to think about.

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    1. I have had people debate me getting more upset and wanting to be right. I’ll ask “so are you happy? because to me looks like you are irritated trying to be right”

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    1. In my old age I have found that there is not one single thing satisfying about saying I told you so. Biggest let down ever … then what? It’s not think the other person is going to say gee thanks.

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