All Blocked Up

No, not that kind of blocked up.  Besides what you’re thinking of is backed up and that’d be TMI.  I’ve only got NINE entries y’all.  I need more.  I need 26 to be precise.  Second guessing myself I really should have picked a theme beyond writing in A to Z order.  O for example …what can I do for O when my only thought is that O is for ocelot. Lol.  Maybe I could do something with that.

Anyhoo.  I’ve got time.  That’s what I tell myself.  Not finishing is NOT an option. Guess I will peruse the site some more  2018 A2Z Challenge which I think may have a post about un-used themes.  Now I’m feeling lucky.

As always, more to come.

18 thoughts on “All Blocked Up

  1. I think the ocelot is a great choice for A to Z. I always wanted to write about an ocelot but only made it to a platypus and I chose self-love as topic anyway …. I babble I know 😊 nite, nite

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