A-Z Challenge ~ Uh, Ya, So

uh, ya, so …

I have written only four posts for the A-Z challenge and I am sort of starting to panic here.  Fair warning folks.  I may be even more nonsensical … stream of consciousness … typo city … taking liberties …

Don’t get me grammar police.  It wasn’t me I tell ya.

Still psyched and a little nervous.

If you too would like to join the fun, check here. You’ve got until April 1st.  No fooling.

As always, more to come.

28 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge ~ Uh, Ya, So

  1. I’m in too but like Karyn earlier it really confused me! When I blog everyday does it automatically connect to the A-Z site or do I have to copy a link from the site onto mine?
    And the windows are where the doors should be and the doors are where the windows should be; it’s all so confusing

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      1. You can check the master list to find your entry. Or send an email. I inadvertently gave the wrong link to my blog and the nice gentleman Jr Vincente manning the emails fixed it for me.

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      2. R U F*cking kidding me?! I just checked out the “master list” and that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are over 2000 entries. Nope. I’m writing and if I’m ‘visible’ fine, if not, fine. It’s too complicated for me. I filled out the form and ‘clicked’ so that’s all I’m doing. WoW! I’d go blind looking for my “entry” in that list.

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