Girl Power

I had some tech issues at work today. Online chat with boy 1 resulted in his refusal to acknowledge an issue. He gave me long irksome steps to recovery a document. Nothing was wrong with document! Nothing was corrupted but me. I knew better but whatever. Talk to the hand boy 1.

After lunch, I called the help desk since Online went nowhere. Boy 2 gave it the good college try but after running a cleanup still couldn’t figure it out so he escalated my trouble ticket.

At 3:30 Girl 1 sent me an IM. She was assigned my escalation. She listened. Novel idea I know. She took control of my system and kept trying. She was multitasking too. I know this because she sent me an all clear IM, then an oops wrong chat. Finally she cracked the code.

I asked her to document her steps as this happened once before. Guess what? She had already added what she did to the references for next time.

Girl 💥

As always more to come.

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