The Goldbergs ~ I Needed This Laugh

This episode from about 2 months ago was very relatable.  Growing up, we rarely ate out.  But when we did … we were like the Goldbergs.  Sort of, maybe, kind of, not really.  These few lines are good for a chuckle:

Adam: I’m a grown ass man and I am gonna order a honking piece of meat!

Pops going around to all the tables and talking to the other customers

Beverly’s restaurant purse – a large empty purse with foil lining the bottom aka mini fridge

Barry: ordering the wrong thing – trout from a steak place.  Shrimp scampi from Tony Romas.  That’s so me.  I want to try something new and pick accordingly but I need to remember that are reasons to get burgers from the burger place.

Murray: I’m getting shaky hungry, I need rolls.  Him wanting to wrap up all the food and get continuous refills of “communal” soda.

Erica: Don’t look at me, I’m busy buying the other tables fries

Geoff: when he goes off!!!!  hilarious.



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