Random Thoughts for 3/8/18

I took the day off.  Yay me!  And even though I am now more truly connected than ever and have ways to work from anywhere, I have vowed today will be different.  We are all replaceable folks.  The world will keep spinning if I take a day off.  Though it’s nice to feel needed so I’d like to think in the long run, they’re gonna miss me “when I’m gone”

Then this song popped into my head and I watched the video.  And I thought, I wanted to do that once upon a time.  Not the cup tapping singing or the waitressing but the baking.  Yes folks tis true.  Years before all the cooking shows and baking championships, on a much smaller scale, little J-Dub would visit Cox’s bakery in McCreless Mall and dream of what if.

Any time we’d go to the mall mom would let us go our separate ways after giving us a time and store to meet back in front of.  Even then I had no concept of time and this freedom would make me both nervous and excited.  I’m not sure which stores my brothers went to … maybe Toy Box or to see the pets in Woolworth because back in the day they sold pets at Woolworth. I remember birds/parakeets for sure and gerbils.  Kittens.  The occasional puppy.  Avoiding a rabbit hole and moving on …

The Mall was shaped like a T.  Me?  it was straight down the middle aisle (bottom of the T), running past Handy Andy, the beauty salon,  and Somers drugstore on the left to the center then I’d turn right and three stores down to Cox’s bakery.  I’d stand in front of the big picture window and watch the ladies decorating cakes.  I’d lose track of time but eventually someone would come around to tell me we were going home.

Seeing Ms. Kendrick measuring, mixing, cutting out biscuits gives me an idea for my second gig.  Or maybe a hobby.  Something extra to spice things up a bit.  Or I can write this idea down and move on to the next thought … never to do anything … but be in quagmire … as only my thoughts are racing today. Whirrrrrrr or something like that 😉  My body is still its’ old potatoy self.

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for 3/8/18

  1. I remember those variety stores that used to sell small pets, and even baby alligators. I think it was T G & Y stores. Have you ever taken a cake decorating class? I did, at Hobby Lobby, and it was fun learning and practicing the different icing tips. 🙂

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