Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight or I am just not very observant. You be the judge.

B: The peach tree is blooming.

Me: Which one?

B: You really can’t tell?

Me: No looks like twigs.

B: The tree has blooms all over it, those blooms will become peaches.

Me: I only see two small blooms on the almond tree.  The peach tree looks bare from here.

B: Time for new glasses.

Well today when I got home from work and after I fed the pups, I walked directly up to the peach tree and just like B said, it is loaded with blooms.  The darker pink are the peaches and the mostly white with a tinge of pink are almonds.

Love this and hoping for a good crop.

As always, more to come

15 thoughts on “Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Isn’t it exciting, or maybe I am easily entertained LOL but mine has blooms too! It’s full of them. I’m hoping this cold snap we have coming doesn’t kill them off like last year. But I know nothing about growing peaches so I’ll just hope for the best :):)

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      1. With Christmas paper and a bow? hehehe I jest, maybe. I’ve been trying but we are having a nor’easter. So the winds are blowing 25 to 30 miles and hour, gusting 45 to 50. Tenting it isn’t and option. I tried to redneck engineer it, my specialty, and wrap each branch but it’s blowing so hard it was just going to tear those poor little limbs off with that plastic flapping around. I even tried trash bags, nope not happening. I hope it will be ok. Speaking of ok, how are you doing?

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      2. I know nothing of wrapping, I am but a parrot repeating B. Part of me was thinking only the base needed to be kept under wraps. Shows how much I know (or don’t) as the case may be. I am up and down and all around. Thanks for asking.

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      3. oh my goodness and I thought the blooms had to be wrapped. If not I bet the neighbours were at the window laughing, going look, what is crazy over there doing hahaha. :):) I’m praying for you my friend. I know people say, “I know how it is” and it use to irritate me to no end because honestly unless I live inside your body, then no I don’t know how it is for you. I only know how it was for me. I will keep thanking God for getting you through. I am always here if you need me :):)

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