Well I Got In

Well, I got in but what did I really get myself into? See post: Forbidden Site For Those With Anxiety

This FB group was recommended to me.  I read through the posts last night and now I feel even worse.  My champagne problems do not even come close.  Abuse, addiction, and money problems top the list.

I struggle with acknowledging that our troubles have no degree.  Because I think they do y’all.  I struggle with acknowledging that I am entitled to my feelings.  Perhaps I am but I definitely do NOT feel entitled to whine about them.

Would I want to trade places with anyone in this group?  No! not a chance.  And I am overwhelmed with guilt that some could take this post as me saying I am better off or somehow better than.  For no one is immune.

I’ve heard it said if we all threw our problems into a pile to pick and choose from, that when given the choice after seeing other peoples’ issues, we’d all take back our own.

The devil you know I guess.

As always. more to come.

6 thoughts on “Well I Got In

  1. Self help groups can be a huge asset if they are closely mediated and monitored by a professional or someone who is not touched or affected by whatever the group is for however my feelings is that if they are not closely monitored they can become places to see “who can whine the loudest or the longest” and end up being one big huge pity party!!
    I am sorry it did not work out for you.

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    1. There are very strict rules and the page is monitored. They ban for life if you do something you are not supposed it. I am still in it. But being careful.

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  2. There is a saying similar to yours above, I think its Russian it goes “you hang on the washing line your problems with your neighbours, but you take yours back”, its very true is it not. Take care.

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