Only In Private


Shelly kept an eye open every time she went out.  Didn’t matter the reason or place.  Validation could be hiding around every corner.  And validation she craved.

She was a shy sensitive child who grew into a doormat.  Always concerned with everyone else’s feelings. Forever the empath. This is how she got stuck in the place she was at now.

When Shelly met Mark sparks flew immediately.  They became quick friends first.  He loved to talk and she loved to listen.  The friendship blossomed. The small cocoon of their world allowed love to flourish.  He claimed her and she claimed him!

Their relationship was not destined to survive the real world however.  Everyone else had a say.  You’re too young.  Your backgrounds are too different.  Most often the comments were what could he possibly see in her?  She’s too round, plump, big, fat.

Those comments pelted her but she accepted her lot.  He loved her.  Had grown to love her deeply.  He would show that time and time again. But only in private.

You see Mark was a stand up guy.  He stayed no matter what, long past his change of heart.  Long past the loss of spark.  The comments pelted him too.  Could he do better?  His heart knew there was no one better.  If only people could see Shelly the way he could.  If only her image could be improved.

He thought long and hard about what he should do.  There was nothing tethering him to her.  Yet Mark was confused and acting out.  He made no move to leave.

And Shelly continued looking for examples of star crossed lovers who stood the test of time.  Real life examples of oddball pairings.  She knew validation could be hiding around every corner.  And validation she craved.


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