Catching Up On My Just Because Reading

I subscribe to a weekly email which brings forth links many articles.  The author who is really just the host had to get special permission from the keepers of communication  at the very conservative financial services firm for which I work.

Anyways, I have enjoyed this treat for a few years now.  I even have a rule in my Outlook account that sends these emails to a special folder.  I was three weeks behind when I decided that today I would catch up.

The articles do have to be business related and I do need to be aware of the world around me to be effective at my job.  If I just so happen to find something interesting on a personal level too, that is bonus. On that premise I made time to read.

First up, if you pay full price at self check out, you are a moron.  Initially I did not understand.  B and I always use self check out and we always pay full price.  We certainly are not morons.  Turns out 40% of folks who scan and self service their own goods STEAL.   What else does one call adding in a code for chuck instead of prime or putting lower price barcodes over the original.  I mean come on.  Who does like that?  I guess I am really naive.  No guessing.  I am.

But that’s just wrong.

As always, more to come.


7 thoughts on “Catching Up On My Just Because Reading

    1. It was tongue and cheek. Not telling us to do those things only reporting on what the vast majority of self checkers supposedly do. I don’t want to believe that it’s true but I think it could be.

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  1. Wow, now I’ll be so busy watching every body else it will take me for ever to check out. I always use the self check out because I bring you own bags, and they fit one the self checkout weighing thing. Plus my bread doesn’t get smushed or eggs cracked cause the check out folks love chunking them in any where.

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