Yep! My Stupidity Haunts Me

I am airing out my wound having just snapped the day 4 record of what will be now be known as my Thursday burn.  Things look worse y’all.  I know I am not a doctor, I just play one by Googling WebMD but I think I may just have to make a workman’s comp claim.

All but one blister popped and that one got bigger.  I fear infection could set in.  Such a deep red color, purplish red.  Hard to tell what is really happening.  I guess I should have gone to someone other than the nurse.  She was good … excellent really … in my time of need.  However even she said flat out that she could not diagnose me.

Pros – no pain and it could be worse.

Cons – I ain’t got time for this sH!t.

Yep! My Stupidity Haunts Me.

As always, more to come.

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