And So They Dance


The worst fight ever came with Robyn screaming of “I hate you!” “I will never forgive you!” “How could you say that?” “Never speak to me again”

Knowing enough not to fight back Peter said nothing.  He vowed to never speak of this matter to Robyn again.  He regretted the words the minute they passed his lips.  He had cut through her heart.  She was deeply wounded and it was his fault.

He drove them home, with her in the back seat sobbing.  Thinking about what the doctor said “not saying it does not make it NOT so Robyn”  “Peter loves you deeply and only wants the best” “Now we can tackle this head on”

He had betrayed her or at least that is how she saw it.  Only then did he realize how deep denial can go.  To a dark and empty place, a fertile ground for rage.

The next day was one neither would forget.  Robyn acted in retaliation with motives no one could understand.  Least of all her.  The human mind is quite complex.  Proving yet once again society can never really know anyone and that of which they are capable.

Fast forward to the 2nd anniversary of the doctor’s appointment which would always mark before and after.  Has it really been only two years?  Forever ago and yesterday in a blink of the eye.  Hard to believe last year they still lived it.  In the middle of making amends.  The aftermath.  How quickly one forgets.  How quickly people go back to the discomfort they know.

The problem that was the root cause of Robyn’s misdeed remains buried.  Never addressed.  At least not properly.  Peter has kept his vow of silence to never speak of it again.  Yet Robyn can read his mind.  A telepathy.  The only thing she wants is his forgiveness.  The only thing he cannot give her is forgetting.  And so they dance.



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