I’m Gonna Blame The Weather

I’m Gonna Blame The Weather for my sour mood.

I am paying bills today.  I am one of those oddities that still balances our checkbook.  Even though it is no longer a checkbook but a record of debit card transactions, bill pay services, transfers, deposits and only two maybe three actual checks per month.

I looked at the AT&T automatic payment and sacrebleu!  That is higher than I recall.  I decided to self-service manage my account and find ways to lower my bill.  I barely log in and up pops CHAT.  I use it because … well … you know they offered ….

I get a message the wait time is 3 minutes.  Really?  You approached me and not the other way around. But whatever.  I peruse around and realize the installment plans could be paid off with my bonus.  Screw it.  That is my bonus.  I want to use it for something else.

Then Nelson from AT&T joins me and is going to take a look-see.  He comes back offering a 10GB plan which means nothing to me and only $18 savings.  Uh, no thanks.  I tell him I am going to look around a bit more then log out.  That I may or may not pay off installment plans.  His response is priceless:

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day Jill.  Don’t forget to smile!

Uh, you did not just tell me that Nelson!  Now you poked the bear.  Lol!  And my stream comes full circle – I am gonna blame it on the weather.  F off Nelson.  I don’t wanna smile.  I wanna feel sorry for myself. But ok, you got me.  I am smiling despite what I just said.

As always, more to come.

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