Day 2 – Not For The Squeamish

I waited til B was here to unveil. I told him it was probably nothing because it doesn’t hurt any longer. Here’s what day 2 looks like:

I do have a fairly high tolerance for pain. The nurse told me to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours but I didn’t. I took the Tylenol once and that was it. Bacitracin and Aloe worked best. Plus the human mind is amaze balls.

I disgustingly want to pop the blisters. They’re just gross. They need to go away.

The cafeteria manager replied to my report. How sorry he was. That they will continue to check the temp as they do now.

Pfft! Pretty sure they weren’t checking anything. I should feel better having reported it but I don’t. Maybe I expected free oatmeal for life. Lol!

As always more to come.

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