Powered Through

See here. I decided I’m no quitter after all.  At least not when it comes to reading. I picked the Marriage Pact back up and powered through. Sadly, the story really didn’t improve. Newlyweds Alice and Jake are the main characters brought into the Marriage Pact by a seemingly benevolent mentor. Nothing is as it seems. Been there before, super predictable.

As I continued on, the story was even more reminiscent of the Firm. Or Eyes Wide Shut or The Ice Storm.  And maybe you’re thinking but those are not similar.  Yet to me, they are … at their core.  They are about marital bliss or lack there of.  Some graphic violence made me grimace. Served no point. Ultimately this story about marriage contained little substance. And the ending was far fetched/saccharine/hokey.

Recommendation: read only if you’ve absolutely nothing else better to do. 1.8 our of 5 stars ✨

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