#SoCS for 2/17/18 ~ His/Her(s)

Well folks time once again for #SoCS.  Linda has given us our prompt.  Take a look-see.  All the deets are right HERe.

You really should join us one of these Saturdays.  And if not to write, to read some of the fantastic offerings from very creative folks including yours truly.  Brag much Jilly Beans?

Pfft!  Nothing to brag about.  You already missed your chance for bonus points by beginning with his and ending with hers.  Last time you checked WELL is not his or hers. Right? Correcto-mundo. Unless you disclaim the above as not part of the post but rather filler until the real deal which starts NOW!


Doh! Crack-a-lackin!  Ha! is not his or hers either you silly woman!

So, … think, think, think.  His/her(s)

Ah ha!  I got something on the line.  Now to just reel it in.  Cuz ya know I do love a 1970s sitcom story.  And I do love a catchy tune.  Hmmmm.  This could get good.  But I don’t feel much like making up a story today.  Instead I will stick with the catchy tune.

I hear you peeps!  You don’t have to tell me twice.  It’s time to land the plane, to put up or shut up, to get to the friggin point already!!!

Drum roll puhleese ………………. rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat

I might need to phone a friend with all this talking to myself today.  Certifiable.

Anyhoo.  I dare you not to sing along.

Where the kisses are hers and hers and his! Three’s company too. 

Life is definitely a ball again.  Not! maybe? well sort of? No.  I change my answer to not.  Not at all. This week kinda sucked.  And not for me.  But for Parkland.  Sucked is an understatement. Horrific!  Unimaginable! Surreal!

I’m empathetic and heartbroken.  And now this stupid little theme song took my mind off the events of the week.  I’d give anything to have the answers.  I am not debating who is right and who is wrong.  I hear kernels of truth from both sides.  You see I am listening.  Or trying to listen.  Anger is understandable yet anger solves nothing.  Love is the answer folks.

Simplistic?  Sure it is.  To me, the only way to get through LIFE is together. There are a lot of brilliant people out there, much smarter than me.  I have hope those with the power to do so will put aside differences to make a difference before yet again it’s too late.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “#SoCS for 2/17/18 ~ His/Her(s)

  1. The original cast of “Three’s Company” was great. I’m not sure I can say the same for after Suzanne Somers left and the Ropers (Norman Fell and Audra Lindley) were spun off into their own series, though Don Knotts was a good replacement for the latter.

    Maybe we need to stop being so isolated. That’s the real issue.

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    1. I agree. The Chrissy replacements did not have the same magic/spark. And Don Knotts was good but I think I’d like him even if he wasn’t. The Apple Dumpling Gang was a fave.

      To stop being isolated would help. The human connection is powerful.


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